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Vol XVI   Issue 23     Official Newsletter of the USS Charles S. Sperry (DD-697) Association    January 2009


                  Colorado Springs in 2009

COLORADO SPRINGS was originally developed as a slideshow full image 1vacation spot in 1871 by railroad tycoon William Jackson Palmer. He attracted so many English gentry to the town that it earned the nickname of "Little London."


Often ranked as the "most fit" city in the United States, Colorado Springs residents and visitors have virtually unlimited options when it comes to participating in recreational and sporting activities. Hiking, mountain biking, running, rafting, boating, rock climbing, horseback riding, fishing, golfing and ballooning are some of the most popular activities that are enjoyed year-round. 







We’ll be staying at the Academy Best Western, 8110 North Academy Boulevard; the telephone number is 719-598-5770. Room rates will be $82.05 which includes tax.  The deadline for making reservations is March 23, 2009.   Room rate includes a full hot breakfast buffet, excluding gratuity. Rooms provide coffee pots, refrigerator and ironing boards.  The hotel has guaranteed the room rate for 3 days prior to and 3 days following the reunion dates.  A non-refundable deposit of $10.00 per day for pets under 50 pounds will be charged.   An Airport shuttle is available for $5.00.


Snacks and beverages will be available each day in the Hospitality Room.   Thursday is “check-in” day.   The business meeting is on Friday.


The tour includes a visit to the Air Force Academy.  After lunch at the Academy, we will travel to the scenic and picturesque Garden Of The Gods, then return to the hotel about 3:00 pm.  Cost of this tour is $52.50 per person. This includes lunch.  The tour busses do not have a wheel chair lift, but vans with lifts are available if needed. If a van with lift is needed, the tour company just needs to know ahead of time.   Please note on the reunion registration form if you need wheel chair lift assistance.


RV camping is available at the KOA campground in Colorado Springs.


Don’t forget to bring your Silent Auction Items and Door Prizes.  We still have Sperry cookbooks for sale.



President’s Message:


Fran and I hope you and your

family had a wonderful Christmas.

As the New Year begins, we look                   Happy New Year

forward to seeing everyone in          

Colorado Springs. We will have a wonderful

reunion and enjoy tours of several beautiful sites.

I encourage each of you to recruit a shipmate who

has not attended a reunion or who has been unable

to attend in recent years to come and join us in the

fun and fellowship.


Please remember Alma Rougeux who is recovering

from a stroke and Roger Mueller who is battling cancer,

and all others who have health issues.


Warm regards,









George W. Burke

Martin Guerry

Robert Rustbatch


     Shipmates Burke, Guerry, and Ruthbtch sailed through life’s cruises meeting their share of calms, storms, adverse tides and favoring winds.  Their ship of life has now come to its final anchorage in a harbor unknown to mortal man.


     We who remain do not know the course to steer and we believe our shipmates, setting their course by those beacons that were given to them, have found their harbor safely.


     To those loved ones who our departed shipmates have left behind awaiting their own day of departure and voyage to that same harbor of eternal mercy, we can only offer our sincere condolences in this time of separation and loneliness.




For copies of the membership application, hotel reservation form, daily schedule, and reunion registration click HERE.  Hard copies of the roster will be available at the reunion.







  No activity since September 28, 2008.   Balance is:  $6376.91




They Touched Our Lives


Hugh and Lillian Zinobile , parents of Adaria Smith were very special people.    Adaria considered them “the mascot couple” of our Association.  While Lillian was quiet and had a smile that would light up any room, Hugh was a talker.  He enjoyed time spent visiting with everyone and he never met a stranger.  They were an exceptional couple and we were blessed to have them attend several of our reunions.  Sadly, Lillian passed away October 28, 2004 and Hugh passed away July 27, 2008.  They will be missed.


Adaria informed us that Galen had been under the weather with walking

pneumonia.  With the help of a good nurse he recovered and is looking forward to the reunion.   The Smiths did make a visit to Lewisburg to see two WWII veterans, Gordon Hosterman and his wife Gloria and Robert Confer and his wife Dorothy. 







Bill Smaleck (5/44-2/46)   Bill had a hole in his knee which required a total knee replacement. He is on the mend but progress is slow.  Drop him a card when you have time.  Elaine sends her best to everyone.


Blair Rougeux (1/46-4-46) Blair continues to recover from the problems he has had with his feet, and Alma is slowly recovering from a stroke.  They look forward to seeing everyone in Colorado Springs.


George Olson (’51-’54)   George sends greetings from Northwest Thailand.  He and his wife decided to move there from Jacksonville, Florida after several years of commuting between the two countries as part of his consulting job.  He chose the city of Chiang Mai because of its historic and scenic beauty, as well as having good medical facilities, a U.S. Consulate, an international airport, plus easy access to the city of Bangkok.   George was instrumental in helping to form a new VFW Post in Thailand, which was named after Jack “Scarsdale” Newkirk, who commanded a squadron of P-40s during the first air attack on Japan.  For more information about the VFW Post, details are available on the internet at:



You’ve Got MAIL         


SPECIAL NOTE:  If you have not updated your e-mail address or contact information, please click HERE to send it to Barbara Jennings.


Consideration is being given to emailing the SixGun newsletter to those members who want to get it by email, so let us know if you would like to be on the email list.






Jim was a seaman who had just graduated from Navy boot camp, and was assigned to his first ship.   Shortly after the ship cleared the harbor on its first cruise, he began to get a bit ill from the motion of the ship. He approached an Ensign, who was just out of the Naval Academy and on his first cruise.   Jim saluted and said, "Excuse me sir, I am feeling seasick, and I wondered if I may have permission to go downstairs to the dispensary."


The Ensign returned his salute and replied, "Sailor, you are in the Navy now. You don't go downstairs, you go below! There is no dispensary on this ship, there is sickbay.  Not only that, that is not the floor, it is a deck. That is not the ceiling, it is the over head.  That is not a pillar, it is a stanchion.  That is not a water fountain, it is a scuttlebutt. If I ever hear you using civilian words instead of Naval jargon, I will throw you out of that little round window over there."









            Very Special recognition should be given to Gary Chesser, who has updated, and is trying to improve, the website for the USS CHARLES S. SPERRY (DD-697) ASSOCIATION.  Gary has spent many hours in creating files and data bases, researching, verifying and entering information. He hopes that the website will be enjoyable for all who visit and will encourage shipmates, who have not become active in the association, to join with us and enjoy the good times we have.


Gary will be adding a new feature to the website.  He is preparing to include photos from members who wish to share pictures of themselves and their shipmates during their Navy days, whether aboard ship or on liberty.   Photos may be sent to Gary in an email, on a CD, or hard copies, and should include the name (s) of those in the photo and the date, location or occasion it was taken.   All hard copy photos will be scanned and returned. Photos will be grouped first by decade, and then by year.


Some photos have already come in, so please send your photos to him as soon as possible so he will be able to add this new feature to the website. The memories that you share will bring back fond memories to those who may be searching the web for ways to reconnect with their Sperry shipmates.


Beginning with this edition, this is the first posting of the SixGun newsletter on the website. Let us know if you would like for it to be made available here as a regular feature.


President                                                                         Vice President                                                                    

Calvin   Dyk                                                                     B. W. Jennings

Hudsonville, MI                                                                 Deer Park, TX                                                                                                               


Secretary                                                                         Treasurer                                                         

Barbara Jennings                                                           Blair Rougeux                                  

Deer Park, TX                                                                   North Richland Hills, TX                                                                                               

To contact any of the officers by email click HERE