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Vol. XVII Issue 31 Official Newsletter of the USS Charles S. Sperry DD 697 Association October 2011                                                                                  



President's Message:


As we get ready to visit Oklahoma City in April, we are looking forward to seeing our shipmates, as well as new members who have recently joined.


We want to urge all members to become actively involved in the operation and direction of the association. Members can provide valuable service in several ways, such as becoming a candidate for an office; becoming a volunteer during the reunion; as a recruiting officer searching for former shipmates; or as the reunion coordinator. Please consider how you may be of service. Another way each member can serve is to keep in touch with former shipmates and encourage them to keep their membership up to date, and attend the reunions if possible.


The following information is to bring members up to date on the legal action taken to recover misappropriated funds:


         A civil suit has resulted in a judgment lien that has been imposed on non-exempt property of the former treasurer.

         The criminal case action is still pending.


We will keep members informed of future action on these issues.


B. W. Jennings


Vice President's Report: Jess Mayberry


Several contacts have been made since the last SixGun. Currently none of the contacts has joined. Follow up contact will be made.


Jess Mayberry





Treasurer's Report: Gary Chesser





SEPTEMBER 30, 2011




JULY 1, 2011                                   BEGINNING BALANCE                                                      $2,653.75


ACTIVITY FROM JULY 1, 2011 THROUGH SEPTEMBER 30, 2011:                                                                              


JULY                    INCOME: MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS                                                                    $35.00



AUGUST             INCOME:  MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS                                                                  $65.00

                              INCOME: SHIP’S STORE SALES TO EARL BEYERLY                                       $32.00                              


SEPTEMBER      INCOME: SHIP’S STORE SALE TO ROBERT DYKES                                       $68.78

                              EXPENSES: SHIP’S STORE PAY TO ACE T-SHIRTS:

                                                      BEYERLY, DYKES                                                                             $-39.00

EXPENSES: SHIP’S STORE PAY TO BOB JENNINGS FOR SHIPPING:                                                                                              BEYERLY, DYKES                                                                             $-16.43


SEPTEMBER 30, 2011 ENDING BALANCE                                                                                  $2799.10



Gary Chesser


U.S.S Charles S. Sperry DD697 Association


Web Master-Gary Chesser


The Sperry web site and facebook pages have been instrumental in a few new members finding us. I encourage all of our members to utilize these social networking tools to encourage your shipmate friends to join in the conversation and share pictures, stories, and insight to keep our Association vibrant and inviting. We have a Facebook Fan page that is open to the public @ (USS Charles S. Sperry DD697 Association). Jimmy Sanner (ET1 68-69) started a closed Group page on Facebook that you can join for a little more privacy @ (USS Charles S. Sperry DD 697). The web site has already been updated with pictures and the roster pages should be updated by the time you get this SixGun. Your feedback is welcomed.


Gary Chesser



Nominating Committee:        


President Jennings has appointed Jim Callahan, Chairman, Bob Henk and Fred Hilberer to serve on the Nominating Committee. If you would like to serve the association as an officer, please contact Jim Callahan at or 732-240-6204.


Membership Renewal Time


If you have not renewed your membership now is the time to get on board and be an active member of this great association. The deadline for 2012 membership applications is December 31, 2011. Please fill out the enclosed membership application and mail to the treasurer, Gary Chesser, 4044 Old Hwy. 12, Starkville, MS 39759. Dues were increased to $25 at the last reunion in Annapolis.






After a site visit to the Clarion by the Jennings', it was discovered that the website was misleading in stating there was a restaurant on site. During their visit, it was discovered that the "restaurant" was not "on site", but was across the parking lot, and not inside the hotel as represented. The Sperry's reunion criteria was provided to the hotel sales personnel last January. It was also discovered that several other issues  did not meet the associations' criteria. The officers decided to move the site of the reunion to the Biltmore Hotel. A detailed explanation will be given at the reunion.


Dates are the same (April 26-April 29, 2012), room rate is the same $69 plus tax & gratuity (total cost per night $78.57) and meals will be Rib Eye Steak for $29 total and Grilled Tuscan Chicken Breast for $23.00 total. Hotel is pet friendly with a non-refundable fee of $25. Complimentary parking and airport shuttle are available. In the past, we have purchased deli items and condiments for lunch on Thursday and Friday. In order to cut cost and stop waste this year FRIDAY ONLY lunch of an American Cheeseburger OR Croissant Chicken Salad sandwich can be purchased for a total of $11.64. Chips, dips, peanuts, drinks, etc. will be available each day as in the past. Morning coffee and juice as well as Danish will be provided Thursday - Sunday.


Kick up your heels and saddle up for a great reunion. Several new members have shown excitement in coming to the 2012 Reunion in Oklahoma City. We certainly want to give them a big "Sperry Welcome." Round up as many shipmates as you can and join the festivities. Each reunion affords attendees the opportunity for a "fresh and new" start in establishing new friendships and strengthening old ones. The shipmate that recruits the most "first time" shipmate attendees at the 2012 Reunion will receive a special gift. Get busy and make those contacts. Dust off that cowboy hat and those boots and ride tall in the saddle to Oklahoma City. Remember, the theme for the banquet is "Denim and Diamonds." The success of a reunion depends on the support and positive participation of its members!



President Jennings is seeking a Reunion Coordinator for 2013. If you are interested, contact B.W. Jennings at sperrydd697-president(AT)yahoo(DOT)com or 281-479-4844.

                     In Remembrance


       Shipmates Rudolph Matesic (52-55), Capt. Stephen H. McGregor, Jr. (50-52), and Frank Padellaro (51-54), sailed through life's cruises meeting their share of calms, storms, adverse tides, and favoring winds. Their ship of life has now come to its final anchorage in a harbor unknown to mortal man.


       We who remain do not know the course to steer and we believe our shipmates are setting their course by those beacons that were given to them from those who have found their harbor safely.


       To those loved ones who our departed shipmates left behind, await their own day of departure and voyage to that same harbor of eternal mercy, we can offer our sincere condolences in this time of separation and loneliness.


Crew's News:  William "Bill" Smaleck (44-46) is doing okay but misses Elaine. Bill wants to attend the reunion in Oklahoma City but is not sure if he will be able to make it.


Barbara Padellaro, widow of shipmate Frank Padellaro sends her best wishes to the association and hopes to join us for future reunions.


Jim Callahan (49-52) advised on Saturday, September 27 at 9 a.m. they were waiting on Hurricane Irene. At that time they were having light rainfall  but was supposed  to  see  some  severe  weather  come  that  evening. All of the beach towns in New Jersey have been evacuated. They  are  about  eight  miles  from  the  ocean  and  heard  nothing  of  evacuation. Jim states "believe  me,  there's  not  a  battery  or  a  bottle  of  water  in  Ocean  County. I guess that is good because people are paying attention." Luckily they did not to have any damage. Therefore, off to Alaska they went.


Vic Torres (50-52) - Vic reported that all is going well. Bea is in the early stages of Alzheimer's. He misses seeing everyone at the reunions. Vic sends his best and hopes to catch up with shipmates at a reunion in the future.


Gloria Hosterman reports she is doing well but has another round of cancer treatment. She and Gordon hope to join us at a reunion soon.


Joan Lamb reports they stay close to home. They attend the football games of two of their grandsons. Joan and Bob are very proud of them both. Hope one day to get back to the reunions.


Joan mentioned that Richard Hegenauer had gone to the hospital in the last couple of weeks. She tried to contact him at his residence but his number is been disconnected. After several phone calls, we spoke with his son. Richard can be reached on his cell phone at 989-854-3214. He had surgery on his carotid arteries. He is feeling much better.  He will try to make the reunion. 


Don Barrows (53-54) reports he is recovering from a knee replacement. They took out the titanium one and replaced it with plastic.CONGRATULATIONS go to Mary Ann on her commission as a Commander of the Alonzo Cudworth Post 23 American Legion in Milwaukee. We are proud of you Mary Ann.


USS Charles S. Sperry DD 697 Association



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Appointed Positions


Web-Master - Gary Chesser  WEBSITE ADDRESS: http//


Be sure to visit the Facebook pages for the Sperry Group and the Sperry Association. JOIN THE CONVERSATION!


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